An absolute guide to B2B Email Marketing

15 Email marketing tips to increase your sales in 2021 (Contemporary COVID)

Email marketing is still one of the most effective and best platforms for B2B marketers to communicate and interact with their targeted audience. A well-planned email marketing strategy will give a real boost to your business. Compared to other channels email marketing helps you to engage new leads, attract new customers but it also gives a high return on investment. Engaging new customers making sales for your business is not an easy task, but once you are done right you can increase your sales and generate a ton of business with the power of email marketing.

How you are making business depends on the type of business you are making and the audience you are targeting. Beyond all the chaos, confusion, and unpredictability of 2020 businesses have seriously been trying to overcome the fluctuation and keep the balance maintained. Navigating Covid-19 as successfully and efficiently as possible.

B2B VS B2C Email Marketing:

B2b email marketing or Business to business email marketing is the sale of the company’s product by meeting the needs of the other company. B2b email marketing is not so different from B2C email marketing. It seems like one would be logical and the other is emotional. B2B email marketing refers to exchanging information to generate sales, boost business or product between two firms. When it comes to B2C or Business to Consumer email marketing, it’s well known and most applicable by many businesses in the B2C sector.


 The main phenomenon between B2B and B2C email marketing is how you sow the seed more efficiently to generate your business. When you are perusing a B2C business, you are focused to connect your consumer on an emotional level but when it’s about to B2B business side of terms you connect with other business entities based on pure logic.

Is B2B email marketing strategy is more helpful for generating your Business?

So now we have gotten the concept and difference of B2B and B2C email marketing. Let’s have some look that why it’s beneficial that your organization enacts a dedicated B2B email marketing strategy.

There are some following email marketing specific statistics that define there are three major players in B2B email marketing. Besides each is rather compelling, concise but pure information that should be all you need to know about the impact and importance of a well-executed B2B email marketing campaign can generate.

  • Spending 1$, 44% is the average return on email marketing investment.
  • 72% of B2B buyers are mostly like to share useful content via email
  • 75% of the consumers prefer to receive permission-based email marketing communications through email.
b2b vs b2c

Benefits of B2B email marketing for your business:

Whether you have a small or large business Targeted email Marketing plays an important role in any marketing strategy for B2B companies. Professional marketers understand the importance of these emails in a buyer’s journey. Apart from this, it not only helps about sending creative and effective emails keep your audience engaged but also offer a great customer experience, but also helps you to generate your business in these ways:

  • Increase your brand awareness:

 If you are thinking of the way by which you can introduce your business in a good manner to your targeted audience then you can go with B2B email marketing.

  • Establishes a reputation for expertise, creativity, and clarity:

        Most of the large business owners prefer it.

  • Allow you to capture leads and qualify prospects:

             Saves your time finding targeted customers, provides you targeted leads for your business.

Indeed! Emails are such an integral part of your brand experience and marketing, your goal should be to create a fantastic content marketing bond to be delivered through emails that fascinate the readers to look forward to buying. Most importantly! Your email marketing should reflect the brand’s ethos, tone of voice and treat customers as they would wish to be treated.

So now let’s walk through 3 simple ways that will help your company begin to create a B2B Email Marketing strategy that works like water on fire.

Select an ESP:

 The first and most crucial step involves finding the right email service provider, or ESP. What is an ESP? ESP’s are services that let a business manage an email account through an online connection.

Simply, they enable a company to manage an email marketing campaign by providing avenues to format an email message to include images, links, and custom layout designs.

How to choose bulk email marketing service, providers?

Before selecting any bulk email service providers for small or large businesses make sure they have the following features or they provide the best service, through that you can save your time and money.

  1. Never buy from an individual many freelancers even they do not about email marketing they are selling SMTP servers at low rates people attract due to their low cost but they don’t have any support service it would ruin your business and money as well.
  • Use fresh and clean IP, checked them before sending emails.
  • Always choose bulk SMTP or dedicated SMTP server for bulk mailing, shared plans don’t fit for bulk mailing because of security issues it would be lesser in price that makes you happy but it can be worst if any spammer joins the network.
  • Verify that your ESP’s providing you dedicated IP’s
  • They must be offering you free mailing software.
  • They must be offering you IP rotation service, it decreases the chances of IP blacklisting.
  • They must have multiple locations for their servers.
  • Professional ESP’s also provides Feedback loop service.
  • Make sure they are offering IP and domain delisting support free of cost.
  1. The last one but important, they must be with you 24/7 for support service well-reputed companies prefers clients support service, they have well trained and managed Support team that sought out your technical issues as soon as possible.

Some of the best ESP’s out there today Include:

  Top 9 B2B bulk email marketing services providers:

  1. Powermta servers:   

2021’s best trustworthy bulk email service provider that comes with everything you need to send bulk emails. You can send promotional and transactional emails for your business with 100% email deliverability free DKIM, SPF, RDNS and mailing software, and fascinated packages that will boost your business at cheap rates. A Fullfledge package for your business after that you don’t need to go anywhere. If you are searching for the best ESP then your search overs here. PowerMTA has worldwide satisfactory clients with their support and service.

power-mta (2)

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  • Hotsol:

Hot sol established its reputation through their best services and support, Since 2007 they are providing and assisting their clients it only allows B2B list email delivery service. Many USA b2b senders only trust on HOTSOl for their business. Hot sol has pocket-friendly plans and packages for b2b mailers.




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  • Mass Mail Servers:

              MMS is a brand in the world of bulk b2B email marketing, working for the last 11 years serving thousands of customers around the world including some banks, job portals, affiliate marketers, etc…they also allow cold email and purchased email list.


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  • Instant bulk SMTP:

                 Its service is indicating from its name, they are instant bulk sender with instant account activation they can help you to send promotional and transactional emails to any kind of email list. Instant Bulk SMTP allows you to send mass emails with the highest reliability.


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  • Daily Sender:

              The smartest and lowest email marketing SMTP server provider. Daily sender allows you to send cold emails with a secure delivery rate. Send unlimited emails to your targeted audience at cheap rates.


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  • Cloud SMTP:

             Cloud SMTP Servers provide cloud email marketing solutions at cheap rates. CS provides dedicated IP for sending bulk emails with your own cloud email SMTP server. Best cloud email marketing solution providers.


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  • Crypto Email Marketing:

                    Crypto email marketing service specially designed for CEM and ICO companies. Send unlimited bulk emails to unlimited subscribers through crypto email marketing, though it is specially designed for the business owners who want to promote cryptocurrencies exchange or ICO. CEM is the best choice for you.


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  • Bulk Mail VPS:

                BMVS is the bulk mailer that provides you the platform through which you can send unlimited bulk emails. Just create your business relationships with your customer and track your email campaign.


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              SMTP VPS assisting its clients for the last 9 years, this SMTP service working since 2012 that are providing the platform to its customers to send b2b and b2c emails.


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15 business-boosting examples for B2B Email marketing :

Above I mentioned ESP’s that making their names in the field of email marketing, All of these ESP’s are top-ranked companies making their business in the conversion of assisting their client with their professional attitude and wonderful services. I am sure that you will get the best of all for your business. Let’s come to the point and move on to the top impressive B2B Email marketing examples for your business.


Get in touch with new users:

Stabling an organic mailing list is not an easy task. If you want new subscribers, welcome them with your greeting and convinced them that your brand is more trustworthy and desirable. Send them welcome emails in which show your curated content.

  1. Activation:

It usually common for people to signup for your email subscription list and then don’t take any interest in it, receive emails but don’t respond, or put involvement in your product or services. For all these, your business may need a little engagement or encouragement to get active with your emails and develop an interest in your product and services.

Welcome new customers by sending them fantastic emails to introduce new clients to your business, showing them about your service, and relax them easy to use.

Using these emails encourages new clients or subscribers and automatically they will get involved with your services.

  • Re- engagements:

Similar to activation email, this b2b email is good for revitalizing the dump relationship with old customers. With time, your list may fetch up with lots of inactive subscribers. Instead of losing them in your list or letting them remain dormant, take an approach and encourage them by interacting with sending re-engagement emails. You have to knock to engage them with you because people need a little shove.

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 Hot sol uses a re-engagement emails to inspire their client in action to using email marketing is easy and enjoyable.

3. Announcements:

 In b2b email marketing most of us familiar with announcement emails. Big companies and brands use email marketing to keep in touch with their clients if they had made any changes in the company, services, or introducing new offers and publications. Using announcements emails is the best chance and opportunity to get back to your subscribers and fascinate them by introducing new offers or services and curious about what’s new you have for them. These emails also help you to engaged your customers who are ready to read about services and products. These types of emails work a lot for you, Firstly announcement built relations with B2b or b2c and warm up your services. Here I have an example for you! The same in the case with uber and food panda both are working internationally and serving their clients efficiently, people always curious about their announcements, what they have new for their clients like Promos. discount or offers. These brands prefer to update their customers after facing well-publicized criticism. It’s necessary to update or keep in touch with your customers when the company decided to make a change in its leadership or services.

4. Sharing your brand stories:

  Sharing stories about your company with your customers is a great way to close or build harmonize relationships with your customers and pave the way to get connected with you. This marketing strategy makes an opportunity for your subscribers to get connected with your brand.

  • Case study and customer’s experiences:

These stories belong with existing customers, it helps in building the credibility of the brand. Sharing customer’s stories increase the chances of building new customers because some clients need reviews and existing clients’ experience that helps them to trust on you.

  • Request customers Reviews:

Reviews make your business more effective some people want to know about the reviews of your company so don’t be afraid if any customer passed the review on your website or social media pages, it helps you in the betterment of your service and popularity.

  • Shopping cart reminder:

  If you have an online store for your business to buy goods or services, it necessary to sent a cart desertion email, when your customer receives the email and they have items to their cart but they do not place the order properly and not pay yet. According to research with this method, there are 70% chances to increase your sales along with profit. Your cart desertion email must have the well-worded copy in which it’s mentioned the details why they want the product but for some reason did not pay.

  • Offer free trials:

 The most from all fascinated offer, who is in the world do not like free offers and trials it increases the chances of your sales because when a customer avail your free trial they will give value to your product, most of us need a demo before buying the product. After all, we do not want to waste our money or time or because we have so many fake companies around us that cheat the customers by wasting their time and money.

  • White paper:

   An authoritative guide or report that helps the reader to understand the issue and the problem, provides the high valued content that your company can produce. Apart from this it’s an impressive content of marketing but on the downside, it takes time to produce a well-versed white paper, but once you are done you can send the mailing list which will delight and impress your clients or subscribers.

  1. Receipt emails:

  Normally online stores send receipt emails to their customers when they purchased an item and the online transaction is completed. Sending a coupon code can increase the chance of your sales so you can take advantage of this email to strengthing your branding with your consumers.

Wrap up:

After reading above hope you understand the importance of b2b email marketing for your business and how you can get help from these strategies either its Pendamic COVID, with your effort you can boost your business in any case because people want to do business in any situation to earn money, boost their sales and get rid of all the messy stuff.

If you want to increase your sales then you have to apply the above b2b email marketing strategies, all of them are so simple and didn’t have any rocket since you just have to focused on engaging new customers and stabilising the relation with existing one’s. It would not only increase your sales but also helps you to understand the sales process very effectively but always measure and analyze your performance for the betterment of your brand.

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