Emails not going to Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo/Aol/Outlook/Comcast? Blocked

Many People ask questions my emails blocked by Hotmail or yahoo or gmail or aol means my ips become blacklisted so I want to change my service provider what you suggest I always say bad idea!


Its normal issue when you send emails to unconfirmed or non optin lists or from any new server, ips or domain to even your existing subscribers they can be blocked. Reason could be any of the followings

  1. Because of spammy content / subject line / links.
  2. Too many emails from cold ip and domain.
  3. Due to high bounce rate.
  4. Domain is already used before and had bad reputation
  5. Etc…

To fight with this issue you need to check your email logs and contact your email service provider they can be helpful not all but some knows the game and they can fix it for you.

Some people think that because there emails not going to gmail or Hotmail or yahoo or aol so its mean their ESP is bad and they should change the service provider. Which is a wrong approach if your emails going fine to Yahoo or Gmail or Aol or Hotmail any of the big ISP then I will suggest you to not change the ESP or ips or server.


It’s true your emails not going to Hotmail but changing of ESP or IP will take you to same point from where you started. If luckily your ips and domain got warmed up with gmail or yahoo or aol and emails going fine and you getting opens.

Then you don’t need to change ESP or IPs all you need is get more ips and domains for the blocked ISP and send all future emails of blocked ISP from new domain and IPs and try to warmed up. And keep sending emails from old IPs and domain to the ISP which were accepting your emails.


Recommended ESP’s:

We interviewed the following ESP’s and found them that they are capable to handle the issue and knows the game how it works. You can have service from them with some addon features like IP blacklisting support, feedback loops, Auto IP warm up, Email Deliverability and Reputation Management Services and you can send a big number of cold emails with high open rates to purchased lists or non-optin lists.



MMS working since 2010 and has been served so far thousands of customers around the world. MMS offer multiple types of solutions for all kinds of legal businesses so if you are looking to send promotional or transactional emails to optin or non optin b2b or b2c lists then MMS I good choice. They have 24/7 remarkable customer service by phone, email, ticket, chat.




Powermta Servers allows you to send cold emails to non-permission lists at low price now you can send high volume emails with your own dedicated smtp server at affordable price with 24/7 support via ticket and chat.



Daily Sender Allows you to send emails to purchased lists with their vps and dedicated servers with 24/7 support via ticket and chat.


hotsol email marketing


A USA based customer support with servers located in USA allows to send cold emails to B2B purchased lists with 24/7 best customer service.


SMTP VPS allows you to send unlimited emails to your cold email lists at very affordable price with free email marketing software and support.

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