Clickback Competitors & Alternatives

ClickBack email lead generation software, Clickback MAIL, lets you send cold email to your purchased list to convert them into clients something other email service providers mailchimp, sendinblue, sendgrid, mailgun, mailjet, vertical response, constant contact won’t let you do.

But ClickBack is a costly solution and when it comes to send cold emails to purchased lists then it means you have to send emails to large number of cold leads and if you will try to do with ClickBack then you need to pay more which may be not fit under your budget. So for those who are startup businesses or new affiliate marketers or small and medium companies they can’t afford to use ClickBack because it’s not an affordable solution.

By knowing this fact I did research and found some good bulk email service providers which allow you to send cold emails to purchased lists at affordable prices.

Top 5 ClickBack Alternatives

Here are top 5 clickback competitors they offer same service like clickback an email delivery service to non-permission lists but they are more affordable and have more features than clickback mail.

SMTP Service Free Email Software Dedicated IPs Free SPF, DKIM, rDNS Dedicated Servers Rating
ClickBack Yes No Yes No 4.3/5.0
Mass Mail Servers Yes Yes Yes Yes 4.9/5.0
SMTP VPS Yes Yes Yes Yes 4.5/5.0
HOTSOL Yes Yes Yes Yes 4.7/5.0
BULK MAIL VPS Yes Yes Yes Yes 4.6/5.0
POWER MTA SERVERS Yes Yes Yes Yes 4.4/5.0
  1. MASSMAILSERVERS: Mass Mail Servers allow sending emails to cold leads / purchased lists. But only via their vps mail server or dedicated smtp server plans.


Mass Mail Servers offer unlimited email sending to unlimited subscribers at affordable price with free email marketing software. They also offer IP rotation, Feedback Loop setup and IP Warmup Settings as addons services.


Click below links to view their plans and packages.




  1. SMTPVPS: Working since 2012 is also known as Email Delivery Company which allows email sending to purchased lists.

smtp vps

SMTPVPS only offer vps and dedicated smtp servers with dedicated ips , free email marketing software, free IP rotation, free IP warm up process and free dkim,spf,rdns setup.

To view SMTP VPS plans please click on the below links.




  1. HOTSOL: One of the oldest company working since 2007 has vast number of USA clients. HOTSOL allow its customers to send emails to purchased lists (CAN-SPAM Compliant).

hotsol email marketing

HOTSOL dedicated email servers has ability to send emails to large number of cold lists. They also offer free email sending platform and ip rotation, feedback loop, auto ip warm up as add-on services.


Click below to find more about HOTSOL dedicated server plans



  1. BULKMAILVPS: If you have low budget then the best choice is bulk mail vps they allow sending emails to purchased list at very affordable rate.


Bulk Mail VPS offer vps email servers and dedicated smtp servers with free email sending software and ip rotation as addon service.


Click below to see bulk mail vps plans



  1. POWERMTASERVERS: Powermta Servers is another alertnative to clickback they also offer email delivery to cold email lists.


Powermta Servers provide vdedicated and dedicated smtp servers with free email marketing software interspire and powermta as mail sending agent. Which allow to send emails to large number of lists easily at very affordable price.


Click below to see power mta severs plans



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